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Ryanair / crewlink recruitment
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Hi everyone!
I did the online assessment for Ryanair cabin crew and I passed the English test, they sent me an email where they asked for my cv, my passport and a photo of myself. I've uploaded all these documents 20 days ago and I still didn't get an answer maybe they don't want me because I don't have much working experience, but I thought I would get an answer anyway. Now it's too late to still have hope, isn't it?
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Hi, please be patient, I`ve waited almost a month to get an invitation to the online interview. I`m sure they currently have a high level of applications as due to the pandemic many crew has been made redundant and they are one of the few airlines recruiting now.
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Charlotte Markwick
Hi! I’ve just sent off all my additional information so keeping everything crossed! Do you get to pick a base for Ryanair or do you get told where you will be? Not overly keen on the idea of moving abroad and I’m in the BA holding pool but I’m not anticipating to start for a long time there!
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Hi! Have you received your answer? How long have you been waiting? I completed my application on Nov 22 and still no reply... On candidate desk I can see a status "Completed" but nothing more...
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Hello, happy new year, I’m in the same situation, I’ve applied at 09/12/2020 and did the same process as you did, I talked with a person who’s accepted for the training of February but he send his application at the start of October 2020. So we will be in hold for a long time. I hopefully we will be to the same training course. If you hear anything please I beg you to text me
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I’ve applied too (23rd of December) not sure if I messed the document t part up as my computer was being stupid! But somehow I’ve managed to get “ please select a recruitment day” and when I press it, it says ‘ Thank you for your application. We will be in contact with you once a date has been confirmed for your chosen location.’

Does that sound like my documents have gone through or do I have to call them?
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Hi. I applied to CrewLink few days ago and I recieved a reply in about 24h, asking to complete an English Test (and I was adviced to do it when prepared). Can I ask you gays, what's in the test? Is it difficult? What does it consist of?

Thank you.
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André Sá
Hi everyone!!
I had an online interview on friday (05-02-2021) with Crewlink but i didn't have an answer yet.
How many days it took to get an answer?
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same like everyone I done my English test, Ive send my cv, my passport and a photo of myself first week of February now just waiting for updates :) finger crossed for everyone
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it takes five to ten days.

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