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Ryanair Base Selection
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Hi there,

I’m due to attend an AD with Ryanair in Southern Spain next week. The email mentioned that you must be flexible in terms of relocation. The advert was for a specific airport and I am unable to relocate to another.

Do they take this into consideration? What is the likelihood of being offered your preferred base? (My base is AGP)

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time as, unfortunately, I am not flexible in this aspect.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey there!well as far as I know you can’t choose where to be based at,they’ll decide it for you(it could either be STN or DUB or NYO or somewhere in depends on their needs)but once you get to your base you can ask for the transfer and if you’re lucky it’d just take a couple of months...but AGP is a really wanted base where people with tons of years in the company are not even No1 so good luck with that!
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i got my base for Faro Portugal but à I have my studies in Charleroi and wanted to base there. Does anyone knows if we can switch our base with an other student who wanted to be in Faro during the training ?

Thank you 

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Hi alic.roma1

Yes, usually it is possible, however, you guys need to be registered in the same training course (your training courses must have the exact same code). If I remember correctly, the exchange has to be finalized by the end of the first week of the training.

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Martyna Zgorzelska

The best way it to contact them and mention your problem. I think they understand your situation. All the best ! 

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Waseem Azam

Hi I got a base for STN pls if somebody is going to the same base on 24th of February could you contact me.

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