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Hi everyone

Just checking once you passed all the interviews assessments etc, does the training course measure your height etc?

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Hi! As far as I know they say you must not lie about your height because they could send you home for that before starting the training. Anyway I do not think a few cm make a difference.
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they will measure you, and if you lied and are shorter or taller than you should be, they will send you home.
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Even 1 cm short? ??
When will they measure? Thanks
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Hi there!
They always measure you during your interview (or assessment day, open-day, etc) as the minimum height is a legal safety requirement airlines cannot ignore. Not meeting this criteria implies not qualifying for the role and therefore they will withdraw your application and you will not be offered a training course. I have never heard anything about an airline measuring anyone during the training, but as most recruitments are now 100% online, I will not be surprised if they did. Just have in mind that height is something they need to check at some point and so they will.

However, and based on what I have seen on some assessment days, people who are a little bit under the minimum height are allowed to stretch their arm without shoes and try to reach the overhead locker mark on the wall with their fingers (I believe its 212 cm but not sure). If they reach, they have cleared the height test and will continue on the process.

Give it a go, especially if you are just 1 cm short, but do not lie as they have the obligation to check your height.

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