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João Conceição
Dublin 11th Feb - Training Course
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João Conceição
Hi guys!
Hope you’re doing great!

Just received an email from Ryanair confirming the starting of the training course in Dublin on 11th February. I am very anxious with a lot of questions, could you help me please?

- Is there anyone who was called to this training course in Dublin? Maybe we can help each other in some issues;

- once it is in Dublin and I’m not from UK, if we asked to postpone our training course to another date, is it possible? Or do we lose the opportunity?

Feel free to get in touch with me:

WhatsApp +351926115460

Keep safe guys & many thanks in advance
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Dublin is not in the Uk so not sure why you mentioned about not being from the UK
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Hey Everyone!

I'm Sophie, I was offered a place in the training course in "Dublin, Feb 11th 2021."

I want to start a Whatsapp group for those on this training course so we can exchange tips, advice etc.

(+353 857721983)

Has anybodys' base been sent out yet? I can't wait to get mine!

Best of Luck!
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Hello there and congratulations!

How much time you waited for the answer after your online interview?
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Martina Kirova
I am starting my course in few days and still don’t know my base. I really don’t know how is the whole situation with the whole base allocation.
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Hi Mary,

For me it took 3 weeks... but so far no training location either, only date...
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Hello Nooorah

Congratulations! Have you recently these days got the successful email ?
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In reply to post #8...

Hi Mary,

In December, so far I got offered a base and a date for the training without any specific location.
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Aimee Kelly

Hi guys, 

Just wondering do any of yous know is there a swim test in the training 

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