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Crewlink recruitment
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Hi has anyone interviewed with crewlink? I went to the Manchester roadshow and took my email got English test the same day and then an interview invite had interview then received an email congratulating me on my interview to send passport and full length photo I did the got another email asking me to do an English test I’d previously done and would be in touch with course dates had 4 emails saying my interview was successful and would send course dates for Ryanair , 2 weeks later several emails to crewlink and heard nothing, is this happening to anyone else and do you think I should just give up so annoying
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I wouldn’t even bother, they are a joke. There are much better airlines hiring right now like EasyJet, Jet2, British Airways, Qatar etc. You are better to apply for one of these airlines that are much more reliable and actually care about their staff. Coming from an ex Ryanair cabin crew.
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Applied for Ryanair I have done the English test they called me a couple of days after asking to send my documents to their documentation email and then no more news since 4/5 days. I think they’re really busy. If no one get back to you in one week send them an email saying you still waiting.
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Chelsea Hardman
This happened to me! Waste of time, did my english tests passed everything, had an interview and smashed that. Then I did everything they asked. They emailed me weeks after. Never replied to my emails and they havent got back in touch even though they said I passed everything and my interview!

Embarrassing company! I would try and work with other companies!

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