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Norwegian LGW Training!
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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone on here is in the hold pool and awaiting a start date for training with Norwegian (in September or October)

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I am , been waiting almost a year to start...
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Hi Guys,

Hope your well.

Can I ask when you guys had your interviews for Norwegian?

I have been on hold since July 2018

Can I ask why you have been in the hold pool for so long or is this normal?

Are you awaiting for conversion or initial cabin crew courses?

Many Thanks x
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Almost a year?? Thats crazy! I’ve been waiting since july 2018 also.
I’m waiting for an initial (regular?) training course, not a conversion course! I was told September & then it got pushed back to the start of October & now they just told me (after emailing them) that October courses have been cancelled so when they receive new course dates they will be in touch.
So still very much in the dark about start dates!
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Good Morning everyone!

I have my AD with Norwegian Long Haul in 2 weeks.
After a wait for the online test outcome, applied in January;

I would like to know please, if you are successful, after how long you will start.
I have booked my summer holidays so, I cannot start till September/October

Thank you

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