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Tattoos/long sleeve shirts
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I can find any information on tattoo requirement

Does anyone work or worked for qantas

Do they provide long sleeve shirts

Are you allowed to cover up with plasters and/or make up for tattoos

Thanks in advance
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John Morrow

Not sure about that, to be honest. I'm so glad I don't have any problems with my tattoos at work, and I can even wear cool t-shirts because I don't like anything formal.

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Sasha Teller

I have the same situation, and moreover, my boss is a fan of my t-shirts. Well, I come up with my own design, and this company helps me place it on clothing. It's pretty cool, and it saves a lot of my time because I don't have to go to stores and look for the perfect t-shirt or a hoodie. Usually, it takes me several hours to discover something decent even on the internet.

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