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Start date 11/04/22

Hey 👋 

anyone else due to start this day for business class and economy training ?  

I had assessment on 17th March, offer and start date on the 18th March ✅  SEEMS REALLY QUICK !!!!

Cheers 😎

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Hiya 😊 I'm due on this course too! They told me it was an enhanced cabin crew course with a business element. Are they looking at using us in the business cabin then?

Where are you from? I'll be commuting from Manchester.

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Ah lovely … well I’m looking forward to meeting you.  I will be commuting from Cheshire 👍.  

What stage are you at with everything?  And yes, she explained to me that the completion of that course would mean working business from the start. 

I’ve had nothing yet from Xref though have you? 


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Ah thats fab! I've done everything except for the medical, I could only get booked in on 12th May but they've said that's the case for a lot of us,  and they'll release us from the training to attend. I'm still waiting for the australia id response after submitting my documents.

I'm sure you'll receive the xref soon, they've been sending out the links for it again, I've just received a duplicate link.

As soon as we get our timetable we could maybe look at car sharing etc?x

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Ah ok … that’s cool and thanks for the info. 

I have received nothing yet in regards to Xref or Aussie airport ID, as I say I had assessment on 17th and it was all systems go from 18th. 

I’ve done the things that they needed immediately so I guess I will just sit tight and wait for the other bits to be asked for 👍 

Yeah commuting together would be great… I don’t drive at present but more than happy to throw in petrol if it helps you out in anyway… and of course happy to meet you where is convenient etc. 

I’ve never used this website before but if I can I will send you my number etc and we can WhatsApp etc and stay in touch if you like??  

R x

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Its a super quick process isnt it! 

There's a Facebook group too,

Its a generic group for Qantas LHR applicants, should be easier to share contact details that way x

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Hi RL-air, has your course date been changed?

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Hey Gemma… sorry I have only just seen this.  Yeah it’s been moved to the 25th.  How’s it going for you ? 

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Do you know how to send a private message on here? We have a WhatsApp chat going for our course xx

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Hi!  Does anyone who took the test last week have any news?

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Hey guys :) 

I have seen Qantas Lhr are hiring for crew. Does anyone know when they are looking for staff to start? 

I am very interested so just wondering if anyone has any ideas <3

Thank you :)

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