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Qantas UK hiring again! (Apps close May 7th)
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Hi there

Just wondering what the maternity package/pay is for Quantas employees?
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Has anyone applied this round? I applied two days ago and it's still open til may and I've worked as crew before and they've rejected me?! Like after a day?! And no feedback to say why?!
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Hi ,

Can I just ask how they let you know was it via email ?
I've applied but didn't get a confirmation email once I submitted my application.

Honestly don't take it personally each airline are looking for different things.
Although it is gutting when you don't get it especially when you have experience
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hey there. how did you find out you got rejected? yes, I also applied.
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Best of luck everyone ... QF is great company to work for
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Hi guys ,

Just wondering does anyone know how long roughly it takes for QF to come back to you in regards to the application,

When logging in it still says in progress I submitted mine the day after it opened .

Anyone that could possibly shed some light on this I'd be grateful ,

If successful is it an assessment day or an online interview first ?

Thank you : )
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I am guessing they have thousands to go through so I'm sure it's just a matter of being patient & waiting!

Mine says the same.

Best of luck x
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Hello i just tried to apply and the website isnt working :(

Gutted has tbis happend to anyone else?
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I applied 10 days ago (end of April) and still not heard, mine also says in process.
Fingers crossed everyone!

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