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Qantas UK

Hi everyone! 

Does anyone have information on Qantas UK? How many flights per month? Which routes?

Would it be manageable to commute from abroad? 

I am waiting to know if I passed the 1st step! 🙏 

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Flying Squirell

Hey Flywings,

From what I heard and saw on the internet, they do flights to Singapore, Sydney and Perth.

I'm not sure about how many flights, cabin crew can  do per months but it is definitely possible to commute from abroad.

Fingers crossed for your application 🤞

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Thank you for your reply, Flying Squirrel!

If anyone has updates on the recruitment, let me know :)

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Flying Squirell

Hey Flywings,

Have you received an email after you applied ?

For me it was beginning of January, I went through the first stage,  I had to answer to questions online about customer service situations.

Now I wait. fingers crossed 🤞 , I don't know what is the third stage if I pass

if you haven't received yet don't worry, I can't imagine the number of people who applied.

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Tony John

Hello Flying Squirrel! 

Wishing you the best of luck in this process!

Would you be able to share what the customer service questions were like? 

Tony J xx

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Same boat. Submitted my questions online. Got some feedback on how my answers reflected my working style but nothing since. Can see some blogs saying they're cutting flights because of Omicron so might be a delay to recruitment. 

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Flying Squirell

Hey Tony John

So for the questions , it was about different situations you had to deal with and how you responded. The good thing is that they give you plenty of time to prepare your answers which is great.  Fingers crossed for you 🤞

Hey flyingking

Yes unfortunately I saw the same news... That will definitely delay the process. I can't even imagine as well the numbers of applications they received.

Will see, if I have any news : good or bad , I will post a comment on this conversation

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There is no immediate delay atm. I know people that have applied that have interviews next week others have had unsuccessful emails. 

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Flying Squirell

Hi nataliel84

Thank you for the heads up ! ok that means no news good news then

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somehow I can't find the page for UK recruitment. where did you guys apply or did they take down the site already?

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Flying Squirell

Yes unfortunately they closed it already, I don't know when but they posted the application around Christmas

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