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New Recruitment Open 2019
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Manuela Santambrogio
Hi guys,
I had my AD 4rd November.. I am still waiting for the response..
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Morning Everybody.

Had my AD on the 8th November and not heard anything so have sent an E-mail.

To the lucky ones that received a referencing e-mail , what has your application status changed too? “ complete” or “ referencing”?

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How are you all getting on?

I had my AD on the 5th and got the congratulations/referencing check email 2 days later...

I've had my references and police check back but still waiting on CTA and the link to do the rest of the checks. Is anyone else at the same stage as me?

I have heard that some people got a "no" email "after" the congratulations email, unsure how this could happen?

On workday me application status says complete....

I guess I'll just sit tight and hope to hear the next stage soon!
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I will be based at EMA for jet 2 as cabin crew 2020 and my contract will end 8th November 2020. I know it’s hard to become permanent at EMA but my question is for those that have been cabin crew 2018/2019 at EMA does your contract get renewed for the following year/summer and when do jet 2 inform you about this.

Help would be greatly appreciated. X
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Hey everyone! Anyone else in the middle of ID/Security Checks and been advised by recruitment to now go ahead and book the swim test? It's gonna be a rush to get everything done this time of year in time for a January course - if that is still when the course is going to be?! Very happy to be progressing in the process still though!

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