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What's PR bucket? - Fly Emirates-

Hello friends. 

I applied for a Technical / Engineering position at Fly Emirates soon. It was exactly "Line Maintenance Technician". It turned to Application Under review in short time. 

I have been checking it time to time. Like 1 week ago, the status is the same but the Job Application Title turned to "PR Bucket".

 The status is the same and the date was updated. I have another application and it is still the original application title with under review status. But this one is weird. Do you guys have any idea what's this PR Bucket? 

And also after the last update, 1 month passed is this normal? 


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Syed Faiyaz

Same for me 

I applied for Aircraft Technician and it’s showing PR Bucket from 9 Dec 21

Finger crossed 🤞 

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Hey Martina. 

Looks like you are a former Emirates staff and you re angry with the company. I can understand you, I almost feel the same for my current company. There's no perfect company. And I haven't felt me as a staff, as precious for any company I worked for. This is business world, have no mercy. I am taking it professionally so far; trying to put away my emotions and be like them. I am here just trying to find myself another job in a non-perfect company like my current one. It doesn't have to be Emirates. Just, I ll do my best to find ways to solve my issues and I ll pay my labor to the company I ll work and get paid back what I deserve. 

Hope everything will be good for you, for all of us. 


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Yes Mr ngager did u get any reply from EK / did ur Application Moved fwd or u r Still in that Bucket ?

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Hey Martina. Nope. I haven't received any updates. It's still "currently reviewing all applications" And can't edit my application. Sadly, I don't expect anything for this position anymore. Actually for any position I applied in Emirates, Etihad, Air Arabia, Qatar Airways. They don't even respond to anything. I keep trying to find recruiters on Linkedin. I do but they even do not reply my private messages or even the comments I made under their posts. 

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I told u before but u were little optimistic . EK is full of Arrogance ,they treat applicants as dirt .Not only u but there are few more whose status are pr bucket /under review etc .  

Applicants status remain like this for months till either u get rejection email or no response at all . may be u get a call also but when u join u would realize that others got a call in weeks or days but for u it took eternity and u would be junior to those who dont have even half of your experience.At present there own 25% redundant staff is still not absorbed . they are left to fend for themselves .

 EK runs on softwares, alogorithms , mathematics , formulas , fancy flow charts , artificial intelligence , they dont want normal intelligence. there is no room for any understanding and your emails or phone are never entertained .

its the same with all gulf cos, only degree differs . QR goes on displaying recruitment ads after ads  although in reality they are not even recruiting .

all I can say for  u hope for the best , as for me I moved out of this race .

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You are absolutely spot on Martina.

I worked for Etihad as B1 trainee engineer and they seconded against my will because of the RSRS to a different department where I am totally wasted they refused to take me back when they started recruiting  and i was told i am over qualified, I asked for Technician position although I have Engineer qualification.

The other sad fact is that in the gulf region your nationality matters in the first place. I applied for all mechanic/ Technician ads I came across for the past year and I nobody cares to at least reply to me.

It is sad but this is reality.

Invest in yourself and All the best for you all.

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