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What's PR bucket? - Fly Emirates-

Hello friends. 

I applied for a Technical / Engineering position at Fly Emirates soon. It was exactly "Line Maintenance Technician". It turned to Application Under review in short time. 

I have been checking it time to time. Like 1 week ago, the status is the same but the Job Application Title turned to "PR Bucket".

 The status is the same and the date was updated. I have another application and it is still the original application title with under review status. But this one is weird. Do you guys have any idea what's this PR Bucket? 

And also after the last update, 1 month passed is this normal? 


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Syed Faiyaz

Same for me 

I applied for Aircraft Technician and it’s showing PR Bucket from 9 Dec 21

Finger crossed 🤞 

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Jude Angelo de Guzman


Mine is also showing this "PR Bucket". What does it mean? 


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Emirates has a habit of treating professionals like dirt .Have you forgotten how it fired thousands and thousands of its own staff in the name of covid redundancy . I guarantee you , if you email them they will not answer and if you Call them , it will never be answered .

They will keep you waiting and waiting till you yourself walk to different thing . EK is a Big Mess , run by bunch of Jokers  .

Its all Gloss and shine and no substance or Character .

So dont waste your precious time .PR bucket, Under Review , Completed, application in progress are just words used to fool Candidates  Hunderds of online applications have these status and they are never called .

rest its ur choice.

All the best .

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Hey Martina. 

Looks like you are a former Emirates staff and you re angry with the company. I can understand you, I almost feel the same for my current company. There's no perfect company. And I haven't felt me as a staff, as precious for any company I worked for. This is business world, have no mercy. I am taking it professionally so far; trying to put away my emotions and be like them. I am here just trying to find myself another job in a non-perfect company like my current one. It doesn't have to be Emirates. Just, I ll do my best to find ways to solve my issues and I ll pay my labor to the company I ll work and get paid back what I deserve. 

Hope everything will be good for you, for all of us. 



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