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Rejoining Qatar Airways for EX QR Crew
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Hi guys, anyone here tried to rejoin in QR? Please share us your experience.
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Visit their QR Career website and search for "Rejoining Cabin Crew"


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They will require you to post the following
1. Updated CV
2. Diploma
3. Passport Size Photo
4. Passport Copy
5. Whole Body Photo

Some questions will also be asked like staff number, etc.


Once You have submitted it, it will appear in the status as "NEW"

Keep on checking.

After 3 Weeks:
- It may be changed to "Under Review" status

Wait for a few more weeks
- It will be "Regret" or "Approved"
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I did all this steps
But after only 3 days it appear SCREEND
They told me after 6 months u can apply but now is one year
And always screend
Plz help
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if it appears Screened, than they already scanned your files and profile. If u succeed, usually the HR will email you directly in your email for the next steps.

try to email the welfare officers, but i belive they will tell you the same thing, "apply online" coz it is part of the steps in rejoining cabin crew. goodluck.
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There s any way to contact the HR or mr rossen?
My case is humain case
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usually u need to contact welfare. then they forward your concern to the right department.
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Thank you dear, your information helped lots.
I am waiting too now status is under review for more than 2 weeks.

actually I applied 2 months before and got reject after a day.
then I have changed email and re-apply again.

I got terminated because after I operated flight, there was random security checked. EY amenity was found in my bag by mistake I kept it while I was traveling as passenger, I had company property. Poor me
Hopefully they will give me another chance.
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goodluck to us. Lets just pray for better results. They needed more crew and they are taking back old crew. I resigned with QR due to getting married.
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yes, let's hope for the best and pls share with me how it goes.
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hi guys, any updates from any ex crew? thanks a lot.can somebody share their timeline of application?

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