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Qatar medicals

Hi everybody !

I had my final interview back in October, and uploaded all the documents needed until the medicals. 2 days ago, 3 people of my FI got the email for the medicals and 2 of us are still waiting. Do you know if it can happens ? Or is it a bad sign ?

Thank you 🙂

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Martin Tyler

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alaa mohamed

As long as you didn't get a rejection mail, your application is still in process. QR is looking to hire around 6000 cabin crew which means a ton of applications. 

Hang in there, I'm waiting as well:)

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kare figue

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Jensen Ackles

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Hi, I am in the same stuation as well. What happened after that, did you recieve the medical mail? I really need that answers you know how I'm feeling. Thank you

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jane clara

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