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Qatar Airways Opening Previous CC Application
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Hello, have you received a call or an email from QA with regards to your interest to proceed with your pursuit of an offer with the airline??
Share your expectations as uncertainty looms so high with what the outcomes may be. Share your next contact time with us. I got my call at the end of last month and expecting a call back in a month's time...
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I also recieved my call last month, no other contact regarding my previous application. I reapplied on the new website with my old email address and did my sonru interview last week. Hopefully they will invite us to the assessment day when they see our email addresses.
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Hi, have you proceeded to the next stage yet. I recently sent some documents over a month now and still waiting for further instructions as new joiners from December 2021 are moving to Doha. 

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Hello guys, hope you're all doing well. Can you pls.share your experience with scars & birthmark declaration. I'll be having meet & greet in Dubai next week & I am really thinking of going or not. 😶 Like what is the max they can consider acceptable ?

Any thoughts/ experience/ insights is  much appreciated  

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Hi, sorry for the late reply. Well with this declarations, you have to be confident and tell them just what will be all visible if you are dressed up. You don't need to fumble with where you have a scar and the size. Honesty is key but you don't have to declare a scar in your armpits lol. I declared a maximum of three back in February 2020.Please go if you are interested in the role. I having been waiting for the past two years and candidates who were interviewed last December are training now. Maybe it is your time to join this year especially. 

Be confident and show to them you know what you about, consider the panelists as individuals you are meeting to discuss your future career. 

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Jane Namutebi

What’s the meaning of s CC New MBR External on status

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Daniel Kang

Hello,I have a question regarding the interview process. I passed the final interview and then I received email for scars and blue background picture and there is also online form where we need to fill our passport copy, school certificate and so on . I did submit photo of my id instead of my passport bcause my passport has expired. Do you think its okay or should I resubmit my new passport at the website where I uploaded my picture and resume because there is edit button there

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Submit your New Passport copy as it is what they will use to process your VISA not an ID copy 

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Contact me @Ninozags on Facebook for any help with process with Qatar Airways

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