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alaa mohamed
Qatar Airways - Medical Form signed by GP?

Hello everyone. So I did my final interview with QR and submitted a medical form declaration + a scars and tats form. Now I read online, in case I'm successful there will be another medical form that has to be signed by a general practitioner. In my country, there is no such thing. Each specialized doctor can only sign reports/forms according to his specialty. 

So...who should be signing this form? should I be getting multiple signatures? 


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" Each specialized doctor can only sign reports/forms according to his specialty" Is this a strict rule? I have never known it!I will dig deeper into this information and report it in the fall guys site.   

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alaa mohamed

Hello. Yes, there is no such thing as a GP in my country... So for example an ophthalmologist would only sign off my prescription + Ishihara test but never a blood report.  

And thank you so much!

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