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Missed Call From Emirates
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Hello! I missed a call from a 971 number last night and my heart sank. At first I thought I missed my golden call for sure but now I realize that maybe it could have been something different? My FI was on Nov. 9 and my status of changed to IC yesterday the same day as the missed call. As of now my status still hasn't reached JFIP but I got that call.... I tried to call it back but my phone service apparently doesn't allow international calls. Any thoughts on what might be going on with me or how to get in touch with Emirates about the missed call? I appreciate the help!!
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It may or may not be the GC (people do get it even without JFIP), but most likely they want to either ask for some new photos - something quite common - or to clarify some details about your application.

Either way, they will call again as far as I know. I'm sure you did so already, but check your voicemail for any messages.
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it's a golden call. you got the job. same thing happend to me before. they only call you to say 'congratulations!'. they dont call you for additional pictures or documents because they can ask for those by email. so...just wait. they will call you the next day. sooooon.
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It could be the golden call but it's soon usually you hear something in 3 weeks minimum and they do call to ask for additional pics and questions they may have. They did for me, don't worry they will call again after the weekend be ready for it this time!
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i got called after two weeks from my interview and had 4 weeks before i left for dubai and the other girl in my interview got called before me and started a week before so it could be anything...the time they give is just to be safe...i know people who didnt get a call for 4 months and 6months but they dont forget...the wait sucks but believe me NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS the longer you dont hear back the better! the moment they know that they WONT take you then youll get an email (no call) so if you dont hear from them for long its actually a very good thing as well!
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Hi guys!
Help me please!
Yesterday I missed a call from UAE, and I guess it was the Emirates airline!
I tried to call back today but there is no answer. What can I do, tell me please?
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Hi, just wondering if anyone is in the same boat really! I had my final interview with emirates in July, the recruiter said it would be about 4-6 weeks before I hear back and I’ve never heard anything or even had an email. I had a missed called from a Middle Eastern number end of August time and I called straight back and left a voicemail. I have since then tried to email them and constantly check my online status which is always at “interview complete”.
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Royale Clasher

Guys any update on what happened  ? I misse SA call from Emirates too.. checked the number on Google and it's them.. called them back after an hour.. got the answering machine.. then the next day called them and also got the answering machine.. I texted the number and emailed them but still nothing.. it's day 3 and it's been 3 weeks+ since my final interview just like the recruiter said in 3 weeks we'll get back to u.. the application status is still under review . And I'm freaking out  ! Did I miss on my chance because I didn't pick up  !!!! And btw I was no place near my phone.

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After hire vue, you’re asked to complete a long form application online, and then if shortlisted, you’ll have your final interview. 

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Sukura Hanora

Calm down I think they will contact you the next day. 1v1 lol unblocked is a shooting game that allows you to choose many weapons to attack your opponent

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