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Flydubai application status
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did anyone apply to Flydubai?
is your application status at the moment completed?
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Yes, just finished my video interview last night and now status says "Completed"
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they sent me an online assessment, after you pass that test they will send you the video interview ?
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Aissam Aznague
Yes I did apply for Flydubai Cabin Crew Yesterday
and my status is Completed !
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Aissam Aznague
That's right, it is an Online Automated Video Interview
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I've submitted my application yesterday.

Online assessment link has been sent today.

5-10 minutes after completing it, I received an e-mail for the video interview.

I just completed the video interview.

I hope they contact me as soon as possible for a final interview.
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I also finished my video interview yesterday and I must admit i messed up lol. I got pretty nervous not sure I made a good impression in my video interview.

Guys update us if you get called in after your video interview. Good Luck to all.
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Recently I have completed my Hirevue video interview for flydubai on 29th October 2021. It's been more than a week, Still, now I didn't get any response from the airline. Should I consider as rejected or do I have to wait for it? Could anyone tell me, please!!
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No, I do not think that means you are rejected. The screening of applicants does take time mostly. I did say you wait for a month before considering anything of bad news.

Keep the faith and good luck
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Same date i completed my video interview but until now no reply from them, as i read in there FB they said you have to wait for 28days if no response it consider as unsuccesful applicant.

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