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Emirates video interview
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Hello everyone
Woooohoooo!! Emirates has started recruitment again
Has anyone completed the new video interview stage yet if so what questions were you asked.


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Wanting to know about this too! I've read some of the questions here! Has anyone done the VI? If yes then what questions were asked to you guys? Thank you :)
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I had my VI yesterday and they asked me 3 questions
1: what is it that makes your hometown special to you?
2: what activities make your eyes light up with joy?
3: what experiences do you expect to gain while working with Emirates ..

I had around 1-2 minutes to answer each question and 30seconds to get ready before answering each question.

Good Luck!
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some of the questions that i have founded on internet about video interview recruiter asks ?.. there are

1) Tell me about your self:-

2)what is good customer service

3)Can you give us an example of when you have provided excellent customer service?

4)Why do you want to join emirates airline?

5)Why do we hire you ?

6)What is cabin crew ? what is the role of cabin crew ?

7)Why do you want to be a cabin crew?

8)Are you applying for other airlines?

9)How do you deal with an angry/difficult/unhappy/rude customer interview question?

10)What are your strengths and weaknesses?
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Yep I had;

1. What do you think cabin crew does.

2. Where is your dream place and why.

3. What hospitality means to you.

Kinda fun to do it hehehe good luck guys
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I had these:
1. What would you recommend to see in your country?
2. What was the best customer service that you had?
3. How living in Dubai will affect your lifestyle?
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i had:

What would a perfect day look like to you ?

What was your best vacation? tell us why

Wich characteristics you have that would make you the perfect fit for cabin crew position ?
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Hey there. My 3 questions as follows ( 30 sec for preparation and 1 min for action) :

1. What's your best job so far and what did you like most in it?
2.Tell us what you are most grateful for in life and why?
3. Why you want to become a cabin crew with Emirates Airlines?
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How would you handle a very anxious passenger who is afraid of flying
What was your favorite flight experience
Do you feel comfortable in new environments
I messed up the video I wish i could do it all over again I tried to practice the questions i found online, but it was to no use because i got different questions.

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