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Emirates - Status completed
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Hi all!

My status just changed to Completed, anyone knows what does it mean?
Can I still have hopes, or it this end of my story ?
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same here. Mine says completed but I don't know what this means
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Completed is rejected. Same as ''not progressed''
I had this status many times and no one contacted me.
I have friends in previous years that also got ''completed'' and no one contacted them either.
Emirates dont send rejection emails.

They mention the status ''completed'' here too
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As long as you haven’t received a regret email, it should be okay. Just wait for a response.
I know of someone who’s status was received>>under review>>completed>>under review then they received a link for a video interview.
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If you dont mind me asking, when did you submit your application?
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Hi , I have the exact same status as yours. And I applied in August when the registration opened
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Hey, I registered in early august and updated my application with a new photo in early September, but my application still says application received for last 1 month. could it be that they are no longer interested or could it be that they just haven't gotten to my application yet because for other jobs I've applied to it goes to application under review right away or a few days to a week later.
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Did you ever hear anything? Was this after final interview
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The lady in the video explains the application statuses as well as the hirevenue questions in the video interview
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I just did my hire vue interview, my application was under review and then I got sent an invitation for the digital assesment

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