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Emirates Long Application

Hi all, submitted my long application (the stage after the hireview/digital assessment) and awaiting response. What is the current situation with the final stage being a live interview? Has anyone here gotten to this stage? Very nervous wait ahead. 

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Hello  Nk21,

Can you please tell me when did you applied online?  Like what date did you submit your online application and after how many days/months you got hireview email? 

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Hi. My timeline was: 

16 Dec 21 - submission of application 

6 Jan 22 - application shortlisted / hireview interview 

19 Jan - application shortlisted / long application 

Are you in any of these stages?  

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Hi. Nk21

Thanx a lot for your reply.!

And congratulationss for being shortlisted!💯❤

I applied online on 9th Nov 2021 for airport services agent. What position did you applied for? Do you have any prior experience? Im a fresher 😅😅

Not my date has updated till today and nothing has happened im really worried. Am i rejected automatically? Know that my application was changed to "View Submission" from "Edit/View Submission" i mean i cant edit my submission..and nothing else till now.

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Thank you. I applied for cabin crew. Still a long road ahead but keeping hopeful. Just like you I hope. 

The fact your profile is still active is a good thing. I believe they may have looked at your application and that is perhaps why you can not edit now. I had similar at the first stage of my process. 

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Okayy! Thankyou! I wish they consider my application. Fingerscrossed😇

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Hi, I recently got informed that I have a face to face final interview in my city. I got the email roughly 2 weeks after submitting my long form application. Hopefully sooner than later you’ll receive your FI email too 😊

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Hi! Thank you so much for your response. 🤞🏽🤞🏽 Good luck for your FI! Exciting times. 

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Hi guys I applied for Emirates last year but my application went from received.. To completed now it's status has changed to application under review. However from other sources final interviews have been conducted and others have been shortlisted for 2022. So what does this mean.. Is it a reject or we keep waiting to be shortlisted 

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Hi NS23,

I believe it means they’re still going through all the applicants, they might have a certain order of screening people so some might wait longer than others. Unless you’ve received an actual rejection email, then you still have a chance. Hang in there and all the best to you!!

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I was invited to a live face to face interview  after the long application 

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