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Emirates Application Status Meaning???
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can someone write what each application status means with emirates....the online application status...
from NEW to whatever it is...
i tried to search in this forum but there is 10000 posts to go through,
would be thankful if someone could explain it all to me, THANK YOU SO MUCH
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Basically the terms are self-explanatory. They are, what they say. Except 'interview completed' the greater meaning behind that - in terms of, is it indicating greater success or is it just literally 'interview completed' is unknown.

APPLICATION RECEIVED: Exactly what it says. You sent in your application. It says this the moment you submit your application for OD/AD. It can stay like this for quite some time.


INTERVIEW COMPLETED: Again, exactly what it says. Your interview has been completed, and your file (appears to be) complete with everything required to be looked over. It's good to see this as your status but doesn't 100% guarantee success.

JOINING FORMALITIES IN PROGRESS: Again, this is exactly what it says. You have been successful, and they are putting together everything for your joining - as in, getting organised to send you the pre-joining documentation (Medicals etc) and getting a DOJ organised for you. Your 'golden call' will follow soon, could be the next day or a few days away.

"Golden Call" - a term we use for when you get a (barely audible) call from Dubai telling you that you have been successful and that your documents will be emailed to you.
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learnin2fly thank you for putting all of these out here,,,,i didnt see u mentioning ´´application under review´´ which i assume means someone from the recruitment team is reviewing our application ect...
thanks again
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I have had application received, then application under review and now complete. Is anyone able to judge whether I will get invited to an assessment day or? So frustrating checking this everyday!!x
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Deborah Butti
Hi there! I got my OD in May the 10th, AD 11th, FI 12th and today 4th of June changed in COMPLETED. What is that supposed to mean? Is it a good or bad sign?
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Wow that's fast!!! Does it say interview completed?
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Deborah Butti
Fast? Really? I thought it was so slow instead ! Before having COMPLETED I got APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW for about 3 weeks and today changed in C but without interview. As I read above the IC meaning now I am wondering if C means that my file with all my documents has been passed through Dubai or whatever
Anyway I'm thinking positive !!
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Congratulations to you both :)

I'm currently in the same position.. I applied online on the 1st of May and my status has been "under review" since the 26th may.

I was just wondering, what's the next update now if I'm successful will it be to an AD? And how do they notify you of this?

Does your status change again?

Many thanks ;)
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Cabin Crew Consultant
If you are successful in the pre-selection stages, you will receive an invite to an assessment day via email...
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Deborah Butti
Excuse me Cabincrewconsultant, if I've attended already the OD, AD and FI what Completed on my application status means?

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