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Emirates application form - education etc?
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This is probably me being a bit silly but i cant quite work it out and want to get it right.

On the application form emirates ask you to list your academic qualifications. this is fine, but the qualifications i have (A levels, I live in England) aren't an option so i don't know what to put? The closest option is high school which isn't technically right but should i put that anyway? there is no actual option to label the name of this qualification, i just have to pick the 'course/programme'? so would i do this for each of my a levels? Also, i assume i would have to add my GCSEs as well but how would i be able to distinguish these from my a levels as the closest equivalent again would be 'high school' but they are different qualifications?

also, what is meant by certifications? i am unclear as to what this means. and finally (sorry for all the questions) i have recently left university and did not complete my degree - i left after second year. would this impact my application and how (if at all necessary) would i include this on my application?

thank you!
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Brayden james

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Ariel wilson

I wanted to know how to create Dissertation Examples for getting emirates educational certificate because I have no idea about it and have to submit it soon.

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Lily Wilson

Hey! There is no shame in asking for homework help if you are unable to work it out on your own. Now coming to your question, if you have done A levels add the certificate of your qualifications in the certificate option, Also high school is the equivalent of your A levels, correct.

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