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Completed my Hirevue interview. What now?

Hi all,

2 weeks ago I completed my Hirevue interview for Emirates and I have not heard back from them. My application status is still: "application under review"

People who have been invited to Face to Face interviews, how long after your digital interview/Hirevue interview did you hear back?

Many thanks,

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I waited 1 month for a reply. 

Status was under review the whole time. 

Wish you the best! 

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Thank you, Stardust. Much appreciated. 

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When they replied to you after a month was it positive or negative ? 


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Unfortunately for me it was negative and received the email same day my status changed to not progressed on 15th May.

The hirevue interview was submitted on 20th April.

I hope for you guys you gonna prepare better and don't stress, be yourself. 

Wish you luck <3

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