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Air Arabia - Cabin Crew Salary And Work Conditions
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Hi all, i'am currently a cabin crew with air arabia.
Almost 3 years now (sharjah base)
I want to share with you the salary and the work conditions
Basic upon joining 4600 AED
after 3 months 4850 AED
after 6 months 5250
after 1 year 5750
this is only basic and your monthly salary will be : basic+ flying hours+ duty hours+ layovers. to make it easy to understand for example you completed 5 months as a cabin crew that means your monthly salary will be
basic 4850 + flying 3365 + duty 1935 + layover 210
that means your monthly salary is : 10 360 AED
you complete 1 year you get 200 AED extra every month
you complete 2 years you get 400
you complete 3 years you get 600
and it's like that after completion of every year you get 200 AED extra in addition to the one that you have already from previous years
For sales comession you don't get it in your salary, you get in the same day after your flight (commesion for catering + for dutyfr)
Work Conditions
==> the roster is busy you will be flying 90-100 Hours in a month
==> you will get 8 days off (mandatory) sometime you can get more 9 or 10 days
==> most of the flights are turnaround, layovers available are: kathmandu, dhaka, chittagong, colombo, sarajevo and sometimes they open layovers for urumqi, moscow, nairobi, alexandria
==> there is no office standby, all standby are at home that means if you are on standby you will be staying at your home you don't have to come to the office till they call you to replace a missing or no show crew
==> no crew meal is provided you will be responsible to bring your food or to buy from the flight catering
==> during a year you have 2 months as your priority month in which you your self can choose the flights that you like to operate or you can choose 4 days off
==> during a year you have 42 days as your annual leave but you need to seperate it if you didnt seperate it you will be getting only 30
==> No transport, No accoumoudation is provided by the company, everything goes to your salary and you will be responsible for your own transportation and housing

each year you have 1 free return ticket back to your home country
unlimited standby with air arabia and free 20 KG checkin bag
unlimited stanby (90% discount with other airlines Emirates, Etihad, flydubai, Turkish, Qantas ... and many others. qatar airways is not on the list)

I'm ready to relpy to any questions
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great detailed post!, thank you!
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Hi steve,

have a question ,
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Hey there, do you know how does it work with the recruitment? Do you have to be already in UAE when you apply?
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Cabin Crew Consultant
You don't have to be in the UAE to apply, as they also have bases in Morocco, Jordan, Egypt etc...
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Thank you for the all informations u provided.
I applied for air Arabia on October and they sent me email to send them some documents.HR were contacting me time to time for some updates and more than one month now I didn’t hear anything from them last thing I know is that they were waiting for my security approval.should i wait or apply for something else
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How did you apply? Did you just send your cv or you have attached photos as well?
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Hello I have the same case it's been more than 2 weeks from sending documents and didn't receive anything yet.. do they take that long? Also do they reply of accepted or rejected also?
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Poulomi Seal

Hi Steve ,Thank you for all the detailed information.i would like to know if there is any rule like Female crew cannot go for maternity in the 1 st year of contract?can you share some information regarding this please?

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no name

Hey there ! 

Thanks for all the provided info,   Im just wondering if the total salary that flight attendants get with air Arabia is really enough to live with in sharjah UAE  ? As they dont provide accomodation and transportation.


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