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Hello Everyone,

Was just wondering if anyone had any info if Jet2 will be recruiting soon?
I notice other airlines are starting to recruit again. Was just wondering if Jet2 will be doing the same.

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Yes it is coming out this week.
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Sky Mark
Its now open on their website for all their bases for 2022.
Good luck all
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Melanie Davideit
Hi guys,
Has anyone that applied heard anything back yet?
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I applied at end of October and got email to say passed online assessments and to wait for further contact.
I have just had email with details of Assessment to be attended on 24th November.
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Yep I got an email inviting me to a assessment day on the 24th. If you're successful to be invited you should hear back soon
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Has anyone heard back who applied for Manchester as haven't had any communication from Jet2 since the 29th October 2021? My last said I passed the benchmark score for cabin crew and English assessments and that that they're still planning for summer 2022 and will be in touch soon.

Fingers crossed!
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Hi I get my training date tomorrow to start, had an email earlier to call and book course date. I had an interview 2 weeks ago with others who should of started last year. I think they are seeing how many crew that were supposed to start last year are still starting after the amount of time that’s gone by since and ask backs etc before they consider recruiting more. I should of been on a course last March originally
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Anyone that’s had assessment days heard anything back yet?
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Yes. I've just confirmed my training course. Were you offered an assessment day?

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