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Staff travel easyJet swap
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Staff travel easyJet swap

Hi, i have staff travel easyJet, i can put 2 names down in exchange other staff travel.
I’ve been in the company for 10 years.
There is 2 types or tickets, confirmed and sby, from 7 to 35 euros one way.
Let me know if anyone is interested.
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Sharon Frasca
Hello! Are you still interested in swapping staff travel?
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Hi ! I have Easyjet staff travel available if you want to swap
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John William Harris

Hi there, 

I look forward to exchanging my Easyjet staff travel for long haul tickets, I can also give two slots of Easyjet left in exchange of money please do not hesitate to contact me if interested by sending a PM :) 

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jack mary

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Hello I am looking for someone to put my name and my partner name on staff travel. Pls let me know if anyone can do ☺️

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Hello John William Harris ,

How are you? I am interested in your offer above.

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Are you guys allowed to book and seek using your staff travel?

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Alina Luna

Hi people. 

As I am in fragrance and beauty industry  I can do very generous offer person who interest their Staff discount slot exchange with me. 


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sofia mehimmedetsi

Hello I work for British airways and I am looking for someone working for easyJet or ryanair that would like to exchange their staff travel discount. I have got one place available. Message me if interested: +447767659842

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