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Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask you for your opinion about something. I got invited to the assessment days of Easyjet. I do have a nose piercing though.

Of course I would remove my piercing without a doubt if I can work for Easyjet. But I love my piercing and if I won’t be hired I would be very sad to have removed it. The problem is I can’t remove and put it back myself as it’s a closed piercing, and the skin can grow back and close within several hours! After that it will be hard to put it back in.

So anyways, my question is: do I have to remove the piercing before the assessment day or is it good enough to tell them I will remove it when I get hired?

Thanks for having read my question!
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Hiya Mimi19!

Congratulations on getting an assessment day! :)

What I would suggest is to remove the piercing for the assessment day. Look at the day as an interview for a job - you want to come across as professional as possible. If you would remove it for the job, definitely show that by removing it for the interview.

Very frustrating though if it will cause problems for you! You can take a chance and tell them on the day, but if you are prepared to put the piercing as something you love more than a cabin crew job, I would guess they would put that against your application.

You don't have to remove it, but they will see it as positive if you do? :)

Good luck!
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Hey, just wondered if anyone on here has applied for Easyjet in Glasgow ???? Have done my online test etc and was successful now just a waiting game, just wondering if anyone else is the same!
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Hope you’re well!

In my opinion I would remove it for the assessment day. After all, you’re being assessed on how you would present yourself as if you were working for the company.

Fingers crossed it won’t heal over too quickly!

Hope this helps.

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So sorry for my late reply. I tried before but my internet seemed to be bugging. Thank you all so much for your advice, really appreciate it. I think you are right and I will take out the piercing next week before my AD!
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No worries mimi19! Good luck and let us know how it goes! :)
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bell richard

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Hi, I'm currently in training for easyJet and I have my nose pierced, I took it for my AD and put it back in until I started training then I put a small flat top clear retainer in and covered it with make up and they haven't said anything as it really isn't noticeable until you're really up close and looking, it looks like a spot. This way I can put my actual nose ring back in whenever I'm not on duty. Hope this helps and good luck xx

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York Damon

I have a nose piercing and am in easyJet training; I took it out for my AD and put it back in till I started training; then, I put a small flat top clear retainer in and covered with make up; and no one has said anything about it.

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