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Fb group for talent pool?
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Just wondering if there’s an fb group for people in the talent pool? Either for this year or a joint one for the people still waiting from last year before lockdown?

It would be great to chat to others waiting for a start date for training and maybe finding others who will be at our bases?
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I was thinking the same! I know literally one other person that is in the talent pool from my base. I have been looking, maybe we could create one if we get more people!
What base are you in a talent pool for?

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I’m luton base
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Ohh very good! I am Belfast. I think most of the AD are this month right up until April so I’m sure we’ll have more people soon!

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I just got my email confirmation I'm in the talent pool! Woohoo :) I applied for Liverpool base. The lady on my interview said they give at least 8-12 weeks notice before you get your training dates though so it's gonna be a long wait LOL.
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I know with the previous airlines I’ve worked for referencing and checks etc can take a while. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon x
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I'm Bristol base!

They told me that.. maybe at the end of March we will know some start dates!
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Hello everyone, hope everyone is staying sane in the talent pool!

Has anyone that is currently in the talent pool received an email to complete a medial form/ AXA form. I know that they usually send you one after you receive a successful email in preparation for your training. I haven’t received this and was wondering if they are maybe doing it a little different this time.

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Hi James,
I got an email from recuritment on Monday saying that I would be getting an email from AXA soon and could I send back my DOB by 5pm yesterday.
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Ahhh okay! If you don’t mind me asking, what base are you again?

I don’t think anyone from my base has received this as of yet, fingers crossed we do soon. I’d been expecting to fill out a form just wasn’t sure when!

Thank you! James

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