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Easyjet interview disappointed experience
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Hi everyone,
I recently had an online assessment for easyjet cabin crew position.
It was a presentation and then a group exercise, after that I had a final interview.

I have experiences in other airlines an I knew more or less how to introduce myself and what kind of attitude I needed to show but also I prepared myself pretty well for the questions I needed to answer during the final stage.

I have been literally studied easyjet and I am a customer so I think I was quite prepared also to highlight my experiences and skills.

I have been asked plenty of questions like about 9 or 10 and I always answered without hesitation or panic I felt really confident and positive.

I asked questions to my interviewer and we had a chat, he was really nice and made me comfortable, he looked satisfied about my reactions and responses.

Unfortunately I didn’t pass it, I received the negative response just in the morning of the day after and everything look so weird for me.

During the group exercise I said my opinion without talking over the other people and respecting their point of view, also encouraged everybody when I was agreeing with them. I didn’t have a individual conversation and I was always asking for approval to the rest of the group because I thought that it didn’t really mind if what I was saying was correct or wrong but the most important thing was how we were working as a team.

Te recruiter asked my very technical questions like what type of aircraft they operate and what I knew about the company I think I always answered in a detailed way and I expose myself pretty well in the airline culture.
As I said I prepared myself for this day and I didn’t see anything wrong like being anxious or messed up with the questions.

I don’t understand how could I have been so bad to be rejected the morning after like they already knew from the same day I wouldn’t have the position.

At the end the recruiter told me: alright I think that’s all! Thank you for the interest in the position and don’t work too hard while laughing

I thought it was a joke to say that I was a hard worker and that he liked this also because it’s one of the skills to be able to do this job instead he wanted probably to say something different with it…

I just feel quite confused. Everyone else had a kind of similar situation in other airlines or any other workplaces? I have never failed an interview in my life and this is probably the time I was most prepared.

I’ll probably try again with other airlines at this point but I feel that all my effort was useless and I’m demotivated to do another interview as apparently working hard it’s not a priority…
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Melanie Davideit
Hi Regina,

first of all, I am so very sorry. Secondly, I feel the same. i flew with easyjet for nearly 11 years, and I had to take VR lat last year to move back to the UK as the transfer list was frozen due to Covid and because of Brexit I had to be in the country by the end of december. I also had my interview, which I thought went brilliantly. She was lovely, we had a laugh and I gave the right answers. The assessment however I found bit difficult in getting a word in edgeways with some of the others being quite overpowering at some point. But I wouldn't say it was bad. I am just as disappointed as you are and I haven't got a clue what went wrong. When I received the email I cried like a baby because all I want is to fly and also work for a company that I gave more than a decade of my life to to then be told I am not good enough. Its heartbreaking and frankly, not ok.
Can I just ask you, when did you have your AD and interview?
I know Jet2 and TUI are still recruiting so do not give up. It will be their loss and the end of the day as I am sure you're good at your job.
Again, I am very sorry
Mel xx
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Hi Regina!

I had an AD yesterday with easyJet and had a similar experience. The day started with a group activity, I was in a group of 6 and we had to discuss what we would do in certain situations relating to customer service. I normally struggle in these sort of scenarios but I was able to get my point across a few time albeit I was not the loudest or most confident in the group. I then had a 1-2-1 interview which I thought went well as I was able to answer all of the questions well. This morning I then got an email saying I had not been successful.

At the end of the day it’s a very competitive job to get into and given the pandemic I think they received at lot more applications than normal. I also think it’s a case of if you apply again after 6 months you may have a better chance as they will be able to see your commitment. They only see part of your personality and you can get very nervous during interviews so I don’t think you can fully get across your personality or hard work ethic in a 30 minute interview, they just have to make a decision on the day with what they have got.

Don’t be disheartened and look at it as experience and if you definitely think this is the job for you, apply to different airlines and again to easyJet when they next recruit. You definitely won’t be the only one in the situation so don’t let it get you down!
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Hi all,
I got pretty much very similar experience of you all. I agree with Lucywalker that after the pandemic they received at lot more applications than normal, because nearly 90% of cabin crew were grounded and now trying to come back in the latest couple of months, but the air traffic level it's not at a pre-pandemic level yet, so not everyone can be hired back.

What is it really unfare is the story of Gingerbelle, after 11 years of dedication to the company she should deserve a "preferencial lane", I feel her because I got the same treatment from another airline and we didn't deserve this, we didn't chose to leave or got kicked out because of negligence, they fired us because of the pandemic and promised to hire us back, but they aren't respecting a word. This is also demotivating and reflect how they treat us worker at the end of the story, no matter how dedicated we are.

I wish you  good luck and I wish you will find an autonomous work in the future, because there's no Company at all out there really caring for their employees, they don't deserve our competences and the time of our lives we spend for them. 

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I had interview on Wed was told I had succeed and was put in the holding pool the next day I had a phone call offering me a contract job .I wasn't expecting that so soon .in shock.there is a lot of on line paper work and e-learning before the actual training. 

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tina murphy

Hi Marcia , I also got though .. I would like to keep in touch with you to compare notes .. ect 

Send me a text Tina 07791890240

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