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EasyJet AD
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Hi All
I’ve just received an email asking to upload my attestation, passport, cv and copy of my last roster.
Im confused as i am technically an ex flyer but not for Easyjet, i applied to the ex flyer application as it didn't state ex easyjet staff only.
I also have friends who applied through the new applicant portal and received a link back for ex flyers from recruitment so i have no idea whats going on?
Has anyone else have the same problem?
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Hiya, I’ve just got the same email about an hour ago it doesn’t mean you have to be an ex flyer for EasyJet, you just need to upload your roster and attestation from the airline you previously worked for. Which base have you applied for?
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I have also had the same email and have sent it all back, I went back to my old company and was able to get all the information that EZY wanted.
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I dont have any of it. My last airline was in 2018 and had to give my attestation back when i left. The only attestation i have is for an airline that went into liquidation
And it also says on my email if i dont upload it all onto my profile online i cant attend the VDA?
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Did you sent it to the recruitment team or upload onto your application? If so have you got a reply from easyJet? I’ve sent mine over but they said they need it by tomorrow or I’ll not be able to attend my AD!!

James x
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Neither i uploaded my cv when i applied, got invited to the VDA yesterday, and then received an email about an hour ago asking for all that and to upload to my profile. But ive just went on and theres nowhere to do it .
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Oh and i applied to Manchester base
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I’d just send them to easyJet Recruitment and explain this isn’t an option to up load to the application portal.

James x
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Okay, i’ll gather what i have and send it across and hope for the best. All very confusing isnt it x

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