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Application Status: Completed – ?

Hi guys, I am currently waiting to hear back from easyJet regarding my application. I passed the ability test stage on Sunday and received an email about waiting for the the recruiters to review my CV etc. On Tuesday night my application status updated to “Application Status: Completed –“. I haven’t had any other email, but I’m just kind of panicking now that this means I haven’t been successful… can anyone shed some light on what this means? It’s a bit strange that it had a dash next to completed.

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I have the same. Did you ever find out? 

Good luck 😊

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I am in the same situation. Can you shed some light on what happened meanwhile ☺️


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It just meant that it was in between statuses. I got an update the same day to invite me to a virtual assessment day. So you probably won’t be waiting long ☺️

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Thank you so much for you response, Jake!

The waiting is the worst part...

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No worries Laura. 

You should look for the Facebook groups “EasyJet new starters cabin crew 2022/2023” and “easyJet Cabin Crew”. Lots of advice and a place to chat to other applicants/new starters whilst you wait!

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My status changes yesterday for completed, until now no news! Anybody in the same boat ? 

Or does this mean I am not successful? 

Thank you 

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Hi Riii, mine also changed yesterday to completed and so far no news. But the vacancy for the position is closed and my application is still there.

Let's cross fingers and wait 🤞

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Hi Laura, yeah same here! 

Let’s hope all goes well, let me know how it goes, I will do the same 

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We'll keep each other posted 🤞

Which base did you apply for? Porto here!

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Same here, hopefully we will be colleagues 

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