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US visa application start date error


I am currently completing my US visa application. Under present work, I must put British Airways but it asks for my start date that is next month. An error occurs as the start date can't be in the future.

I have emailed BA recruitment but they didn't seem to understand. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to find a way around it? 

Thank you 😁

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I am experiencing the same issue as well. I am currently working for an other airline and i started to apply for the visa as well. To be fair i completed my form then paid for it when i realised i might need to put my future employer in that section. 

Then i made a new Ds 160 form and i wanted to do that to add my future employer as a present one but i also had the same issue with the dates. So i did put todays date. 

But my appointment is not until August. 

What did you do at the end? Xx

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I have this exact problem right now! What solution did you guys use? It also asks for previous employer, which is still at this moment in time my current employer. The dates just confuse it and it won't let me continue. 

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michael whitford

Did anyone find a solution for this?

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michael whitford

Hi guys, just put the day before you fill out your form as finishing your current job and the day after as your BA start, I did this and had my appointment on Wednesday with no issues, wasnt even mentioned

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