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US Visa Application
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Hey guys,

Just wondering - I got my starter pack through the other day (I start on December 29th), and it had the US Visa Application Pack in it - do we only need to fill in the "Appendix 1" form for the moment, or do we need to start completing form DS160 (if so where is that form, as it doesn't say that in the pack).

Sorry if this is a stupid question lol. Thanks for your help!
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After i got my starter pack, i called BA to find out what we were supposed to do and they said to fill in the ds160 before the start of the course. There will be a question regarding your travel date and BA told me to make one up.
At the start of my course, most people had completed the ds160 but some hadn't and it made no difference. You might as well get it out of the way as uploading a photo is hard work! Just type ds160 into google and it takes you to the us embassy website. Have fun!
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Thanks duckeggblue!

I'm trying to get everything done asap so I'm not leaving it to the last minute - I just didn't want to cause any issues by doing that too early lol.

I'll work on that next
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Do you not already have a C1/D and B1/B2 visa from your time at TCX? If so, you don't need to apply for a new one (providing it's still valid).
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Hi BANewYorker,

No, I didn't get the visas unfortunately, as I was only short-haul (was my 1st season with TCX)

Wish I had though lol.
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Hi stevegage,

I m starting on dec 29 as well so happy to meet you !
I didn t get my starter pack but maybe because I live in Paris so
mail may take more days to arrive.
Anyway, hope it will arrived soon.
See you on the 29th
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Hi Erik,

Congratulations - will see you on December 29th!

Are you on Facebook? If you are, there's a group for the guys starting on December 29th:

Hopefully your pack is on it's way too - they're doing them in batches so it shouldn't be too long
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Bar 2
Hi Steve, Just dropped you a private message.
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Hey BANewyorker...

I have a C1-D visa when i used to work on a cruise ship..
I spoke to recruitment and they said i need a diffetent visa..
Im a bit confused lol x
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Bar 2
You require a crew visa ( C1/D) and they will also give you a B1/B2 Visa as well.

The latter is a visa you can enter the US on work or play. ie positioning into New York to work home or going on holiday to Miami.

Hope this helps.

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