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Black or silver or brown leather strap. Not to outrageous
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How much does the unifrom cost in total?

thank you
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BA don't charge any longer
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You won't pay for uniform but you'll need to purchase shoes, tights and luggage. There are some good deals to be found :)
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Ladies, what lip colour do you where? Red? I know it says to match uniform, so does that mean I can't wear like a pale pink?
Also good shoes? Can I just get any heels or do they need to be certain ones? On board shoes can they have buckles or bows on the front?
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Hey everyone!
Hope you're all well!

Probably is a stupid question, but do BA allow guys to have the "Top knot" style for hair?

Thanks everyone!

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No basically...
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Just had my uniform fitting, I stuck with a size 30-waist for trousers, do you think they would let me change the size to a 32-waist on the day as long as I don't open the packaging and what-not ?
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Hi everyone!

I'm now waiting to get my final training date (after some time!).

I'm now getting all my additional uniform and luggage.

I may sound a bit dumb but I haven't really been given much detail on the shoes, bags, luggage.

This may be a bit long, sorry!


So I know we have to get boarding and ground shoes? Basically one of which are heels and one are flats.

Does anyone know if these are the acceptable ones from Clarks-

Does anyone have any advice on the flat shoes? Best for the look and comfort? Are they allowed to be brogues or have anything on the front?


I know we need both a cabin case and a medium/large case. I want to get mine from Tripp as it seems the most recommended, especially the hard cased ones. Do they have to be completely plain or can we get these ones-

If any experienced Cabin Crew are reading- do you recommend a medium or large case for long haul?


I'm assuming you're allowed a bag along with your cabin case. What kind do we need? Again is it plain black? What's the best size/brand.. any info would be great!

Sorry for a million questions, I haven't really been advised much on the above!


Megan x
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can you please  tell me what the Clarks women's shoes are called that are with in ba standards  or send me a link please, a friend of mine who is also joining mixed fleet asked me to ask this question

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