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Is it true that the girls on mf must only wear the skirt and they can't have the trousers? Also do mf crew get the in flight sweater or cardigan to wear on the night flights??
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Here are the MF uniform requirements- first hand!
No Trousers only skirts allowed
Cravat only to be worn tucked into shirt
Knitwear NOT allowed to be worn in customer view, ie only worn in crew rest
Handbags MUST be used, and worn on right hand shoulder
NO longchamps or BA brand Bags to be carried whilst in uniform
Hat to be worn
Name badges to have FULL name on them this inc your surname
Uniform jacket when worn MUST be fastened up now

OH and new entrants to BA now have to purchase their knitwear, gloves and scarf if you want them

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Wow, sounds very strict. Long sleeve shirts will def be required when sat at those doors on a night flight if the knitwear is for rest only. Thanks claire for the clarification :0)
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I only ordered short sleeve shirts... do you think when I collect my uniform they will let me swap one?
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I don't see why not, so long as it's still in the packaging. it really does get cold at the doors and if the sweaters can only be worn when on rest then I personally would get as many long sleeved shirts as possible :0) x
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That's fascinating, I never knew you had to wear skirts... I suppose it's the Ambassador uniform standards and since I'm not an ambassador I wouldn't know :)

My only question is: you need to carry the handbag (fair enough everyone does well not the blokes) AND wheel your case AND carry the hat box.  It's rather a lot. It will be interesting to see where you put all that luggage on a packed 319.  There's hardly enough room as it is now!

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I know right, it us a lot to carry, I heard the hats pack flat or something?? :0)
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cheers for the info Claire
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Have to knitwear...the cardies are a godsend on a long sector in a chilly cabin in between services! Why no trousers? What about on middle eastern routes? And I can't believe you have to buy your own knitwear. Personally I wouldn't want my full name on my name badge. If someone wants to make a complaint or whatever they can see my first name and the flight I'm on.
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 i Agree with everything u say FlyingNurse Smile

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