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Originally posted by @sjenkins
Hello everyone I have two large tattoos on my wrists but long sleeve shirts will cover them will I have to take my shirt off for the assessment day?
I also have a large one on my thigh but I can cover that one with make up because of the new rules I'm assuming it's fine ?

Hey, you'll be asked to admit to all tattoos and will circle them on a silloquet on the day. Then for the height and reach check they'll also ask to take a look at your wrist tattoos and may inform you that it'll need covering up and you'll always have to wear long sleeves no matter the weather. It's best to cover it up with a long sleeve shirt so they can see how well you can cover it up. My advice would be: don't get offended or irritated when they ask about it, a couple of people did this and it doesn't give a good first impression :)
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Can I ask what stage make up you used?
I have a small tattoo on the back of my forearm that I was going to try to cover up for my AD. It's only a couple of small lines and no way visible through a white long sleeved shirt. In fact you hardly notice it in short sleeves, but I'm so worried I'll get sent home for it.
It should cover up easily and i'm in two minds whether I admit it and show that it covers up easily and can't be seen or just cover it up and keep quiet??
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It's better to admit to it (starting off on the right note) and as long as they can see that a long sleeve can cover it up then you're fine. You'll just be asked to always wear long sleeves on duty even in the summer. Someone nicer would say yes to make up although it's not accepted in their uniform policy. But not to worry I was with people that had tattoos on their wrists and they didn't get sent home!
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I had my AD yesterday and just wanted to post for those who want to apply/have assessments but are worried about their tattoos.

You have to fill in a sheet which has a body outline on them, where you mark where your tattoos are. Once you go in for your height/reach etc someone will go through that sheet with you and may ask to see some of the tattoos. I have a visible one on my wrist and was told I'd need to cover it and wasn't sent away and I informed the lady that I was having laser treatment at the moment.
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Thank you for sharing, very helpful.
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Thank you for sharing, very helpful
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If your tattoo is not completely gone by the time you get in you can always use the Dermacol foundation to cover it, it works great and is waterproof! Good luck to you and thanks for the info!
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Originally posted by @tango797
Thank you for sharing, very helpful

You're very welcome :)
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I thought about that too Joelle, at least it's covered completely then :)
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Hi everyone,
I have a BA assessment day coming up, and I’m ready so many things about tattoos, and BA’s policy. Has the policy been relaxed slightly? I have tattoos on my arm and wrist, and I’m currently crew for another airline with the policy that my tattoo must not be visible and as a result I have to wear a long sleeved shirt. Will this be the same for BA or is it definitely a NO NO for tattoos on arm? I have seen BA a few with tattoos on arms when I’ve flown as a passenger. Any help would be appreciated.

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