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Aliya Bond
Still waiting on my start date.

Hiya, guys I had my online assessment for BA LHR on the 24th Feb. I got an email on the 28th Feb saying welcome onboard and that I had passed the virtual assessment centre. And that I will be given a start date shortly. However it is now the 7th April and I’m still awaiting. I’m just getting worried as it has been a while, and not really getting updates, and I don’t want to keep emailing. Is anyone else in the same situation? 

Also my online account, shows no more updates, and says I have no progress with them. Maybe something to do with all their systems going down atm ? 

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Hi aliya, don’t worry I’m sure you’ll hear something soon! They’re just massively busy! 

The online account worried me too, I thought oh no I’ve just been forgotten! But I think it’s just their way of saying we’ve passed and we will have access to their portal once we’ve heard/accepted a training date.

Are you still receiving emails that you’ve passed and they will send you dates shortly? 

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Aliya Bond

Aww, thank u so much. For some weird reason I keep thinking I’m like the only one being left out, when obviously that’s not true, so it’s so nice to hear it from someone else too. Definitely eases my worries thank u. 

Yes I received an email yesterday asking about becoming check in staff at Heathrow, but I didn’t take up the offer as I have a job I can work at up until I find out about the start date. So I guess that also helps. 

That does make sense actually, that they wouldn’t need us to have career accounts. Did u have ur AD long ago ? @Abbydavison1 

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Don’t worry you’re not forgotten! We will get there 🤣! I had my AD the 18th march so haven’t been waiting as long as you have. 

I got that email too, but I can’t do it right now either. 

I reckon if you’ve been waiting since feb, you’ll probably get a start date early July time but who knows! I would love to get some early leaning in whilst waiting! X

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Aliya Bond

Yeah these offers seem great initially, but for a long period of time it isn’t what we really wanted, I guess it’s a way of getting ur foot through the door though. 

Honestly that would be great, but yeah like u said and it’s not the end of the world, I’m currently finishing a college course so it gives me more time to do that. 

That would be good wouldn’t it, if we got some like online stuff do to in the meantime to help with the training weeks. Maybe see u on training or in the skys soon though! ;) 

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We get there soon! And yes I will see you up in the air lovely! Xx

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Annie Lindquist

Hello ! Yes me too , and am waiting for ‘the’ email with a start date for training so I can plan for it .. good to have found this forum so I know I’m in good company and we are all waiting 😊.. I did see on another forum that there is a huge backlog for security checks for airside crew not just at Heathrow but in general , and it’s having long setbacks for new employees … good luck everyone and we’ll get there in the end ! X 

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Aliya Bond

Oh brilliant, also congrats for getting through! 

Yes, I found a Facebook page if ur looking to join anything similar to talk to people.  

It has also helped with working out where everyone is and what is going on for those further on then a us. But yes, starting to feel bad for the team orchestrating all of this. 

The excitement feels like it’s coming back now I realise it’s just the process x

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Sharon Niranjan

So pleasing to read all your comments and know that l am not the only one in this position. 

I am available for an immediate start so strange that they haven’t offered me check in?

So looking forward to starting x

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Sharon Niranjan

My AD was the 28 March x

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Anyone going through exteneded waiting period due to delay in reference checks?

My start date end of august has been pushed to October and yet there has been no progress whatsoever with the referencing portal.

Getting worried now as have quit my job.

Any info would be helpful 


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