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Online assessment
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Have you heard anything yet?

I also applied for the position with attestation on the 13th October and I haven't heard a single thing since... its killing me
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Hey, not yet! Feeling exactly the same as you. Days feel like years refreshing emails all day every day x
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Adrian Spann
I applied on 15th Oct, without attestation, and have received an email today saying I've passed the assessment stage, and they'll be in touch within the next two weeks with online assessment centre dates.

Hope you'll all have positive news this week too.
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Hi all. I applied on 16th Oct (with attestation), immediately got a feedback PDF from the assessment, and then had a reply back on 18th to say I was successful and that I should hear from them within 2 weeks to book an assessment day. That time ran out yesterday but given a few people are in the same boat, I just assume they are running behind so patiently waiting.

I’ve worked for BA before, currently with another airline but I want to go back to BA as had such a good time previously and want the long haul again.

Fingers crossed for everyone, looks like quite a few are all applying!
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I also got my online assessment email yesterday :) Good luck everyone!
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Hi guys!

Just wondering if anyone has heard any news for an online assessment day yet?

I received the email nearly 3 weeks ago saying I was invited to an AD, and they stated in the email we would hear within 2 weeks.

thanks in advance
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I got an email last 18th of october saying I passed the online assessment and inviting me to book an assessment… its the 9th now and im still waiting :’(
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It’s okay I applied on the 13th October and still awaiting any form of a response
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Still yet to hear back too,
I’m assuming they must be super busy
The Heathrow position (I applied to this one) is still available to apply for on the website
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I got an email inviting me for a virtual AD at 3:35pm today, so check your emails ??????

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