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Alex Andra
LHR Virtual Assessment Outcome

Hi everyone, 😄 

I had my Virtual Assessment Day on 17 January 2022 12:30pm. It is now 2,5 weeks later and I haven't heard anything back. I check my online profile on the BA Careers website and it says my application is still active.  

Is this normal? Will they tell you if you have been successful or not? How long after your assessment, did you hear feedback?

The wait is killing me lol

Thanks in advance friends.😁 

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Hey, it varies massively. Nothing will change on the portal I don't think. If you're successful your portal will update after youve been sent a start date but that is weeks after your congratulations email. I'd email recruitment and ask, you may have just slipped under the radar. Either way they will send you an outcome, you wont be left in the dark!

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Alex Andra

Hey FPhill, thanks so much for the response! I did email recruitment a week ago so hopefully they'll respond soon! Cheers 😊 

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Diana Tovey

I had mine 2 days after yours, still nothing.. Checking my email all the time :(

I emailed them last week regarding this question and they didn't get back to me either.

Maybe we are in some kind of a queue, dunno. 

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It can be a long wait.

I had my interview on 10 Dec ,congratulations email on 20 December and last night Feb 7 my contract and start date came through for June 1st.I know they are extremely busy atm so it’s normal not to hear for a while .

good luck everyone 

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Alex Andra

Thanks for the feedback guys! Yes it seems there is a really long wait with recruitment replies and with updates on the application as well! 

Here's my timeline for those interested:


NOV02-passed online assessment

DEC22-invite to virtual assessment

JAN17-virtual assessment day

I'll keep everyone updated! x 

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Alex Andra

Hello Friends, I just got the email to say I was successful!!!! My start date is June 17! Anyone else?! Let me know! x 

Good luck everyone!  

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Diana Tovey

I’ve got an email apologising for the system error but good news! They will be sending me contracts along with a start date in the coming week hopefully 🙏😁

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Alex Andra


Awesome! Congrats 😄 

Maybe we will have the same start date! Let me know x 

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Diana Tovey


My start date is June 22  :) I’ve signed the docs and all that x

Just wondering, do we now have to wait for them to contact us regarding all the checks? Or do we book them somewhere ourselves? 

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Hi guys congratulations

I had mine done 2 days ago .

Is there anyone here who had the interview on the 8th ? ☺️

And for the successful guys you had to wait around 7-10 days right ? 

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