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LHR: Interviews Assessments Start Dates Courses
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I am waiting on an AD and was wondering if anybody could give me a good website for info or if anybody has any good tips and advice for the AD for Mixed Fleet :)?

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Ahhh It's so good to hear that they have started giving out more courses and that you guys/girls are finally closer to wearing the uniform!!
Still a long wait for my as my AD was in November however, Congrats to everyone that's heard today!!!
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Had my AD on 18th July and finally had the email today confirming my start date for the 14th March...can't wait!! Has anyone for that start date started a facebook group?
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I got the email yesterday too! my start date is February 28th, has anybody started a Facebook group or found any others starting this date?
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Hi char 55!
Congrats on having your starting date. I was on the 23rd july ad when was yours?
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Hi Lucy,

I am also on the 14th March Training date woo!

I dont have a clue how to make up a fb group or else I would do it. I dont think one is made up yet as only a few have heard so far.

Look forward to meeting you in March
Sharlie x
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Hi sharlie
so happy for you!!!! Could you please tell me when was your ad? I waz on the 23rd july. Thanx and congrats.
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Is anyone starting on January 17th who hasn't already joined the facebook group?!
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Spoke to someone today and it's looking like they are awaiting new course dates to be released for people whose AD was 23 July onwards. Dates are looking like anything from April onwards.

Anyone who's AD was 31 feel free to drop me a message :)
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My assessment day was July 23rd and haven't heard anything yet, however I'm in contact with two girls I did my day with and they've been given march 14th start dates, I hope this means I'll hear soon, but I'm guessing this means they've filled spaces that the July 18th assessment people were given!

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