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LGW: Interviews Assessments Start Dates Courses
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Hey, finally not just me haha are you morning or afternoon ??
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I'm booked in for the afternoon, how about you? Are you local to the base or travelling down?
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Oh I’m morning ?? and travelling down from Leeds, what about you ? :)
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Travelling up from Wales :) I debated the morning slot but I just didn't want to be stressed out with getting to the base on time (I'll be coming in by bus etc). I will send you a PM.
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It’s not letting me DM you back it keeps saying like ‘An errors has occurred’ it’s annoying me now hahha
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I think I've had your message, 6 of them. Haha. It says that with me every time but if you check your sent folder they have usually gone. I will reply :)
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Me too! Morning session - its gonna be an early start
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Same same I’m morning too, but travelling down to London the day before and staying overnight so I’m well prepared ??
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Actually debating whether to change it to the morning! Lol.
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Yes I do. Afternoon. Nerves have set in already

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