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I am hoping someone can help, I am thinking of applying for Gatwick fleet, I would be commuting from Devon if successful, is this viable?

Also I am struggling to find any examples of a roster/ trip lengths etc, I can find mixed fleet ones but nothing for Gatwick, so I would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on ant of this please. Any help appreciated thanks :)
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I know many that commute from Devon that are MF but all the ones I know that went to gatwick have moved! Because it's a really stressful drive especially after a long flight!
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Can anyone pm an average take home salary for BA LGW bass and what their rosters are like..

I have an assessment coming up and ideally I wanna commute from Manchester- just wanna find out if it’s gonna be worth my while.

Many Thanks
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Thanks for the reply smilesandairmiles, I thought mixed fleet would be harder to commute with that roster but if that's not the case I'll apply to them instead!
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I wander if someone can help please, I'm sure this has been answered before but I cant find it anywhere.

What is the difference between the 2 fleets as they both do long and short haul?

I am undecided which to apply for, which would do the most longer trips away?
Any help appreciated!

thanks in advance!
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Carolyn Grieve
I believe that Gatwick Fleet have longer trips, however there are more short haul flights out of Gatwick so you might not get many long haul trips rostered. Mixed fleet go to more destinations worldwide, however, I’m led to believe that you don’t get much time down route, with most trips being 1 night. Hope this helps
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*** LGW House Share ***

Hi guys - 3 LGW based Cabin Crew looking for a 4th person to house share permanently in a furnished, newly built house in Kilnwood Vale, just outside of Crawley (RH12 0AQ).

The monthly rent for the furnished double bedroom is £580 including all bills (council tax, wifi, gas, electricity, water) ... Message or ring Natalie or Emilio on "07507798632" or "07841432028" for pictures, details, transport, etc
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Hi Guys,

Does anyone else have an interview on Monday 9th April for Gatwick feet at LGW, interview in LHR ??
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I'm booked in for the 9th April too! So nice to see that someone else on the forum is going
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Hey, finally not just me haha are you morning or afternoon ??

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