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General Info and questions about Mixed Fleet
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Baby Jack
It isn't a job it is a life style. Very few careers are like it. It has it's ups and downs and you miss out on a lot of family stuff eg in 24 years I have only been home 3 times. Most people say they will join for 2 or 3 years but we get so used to it and why approx 9000 of us have done at least 15 years
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i know yeah, i want that lifestyle! i want a career here, always wanted to live that life!
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hey there, i am due to start training 8th Dec and was just wondering if BA provide cabin and outdoor shoes for the ladies?
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No they don't i'm afraid
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Baby Jack
No this is your own purchase. You can buy from uniform stores but most people find their own
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ok thanks, that actually works out better for me as i am crew atm and have only just replaced mine so i wont have wasted my money!
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FYI - the heel of your ground shoes need to be no higher than the height of your ID (from the sole to heel tip) as a guide for you.
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Thanks very much for all this info Brighton, I would have to say that this is the best and most clear info that had been posted with regards to mixed fleet questions. Thanks Again.
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Hey livingproof,

Are you the partner of stephen from Glasgow who has his AD on the morning of the 15th? He was in my group. were you in the afternoon AD? I heard you got in, congratulations.

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babyjack/brightonrocks/other experienced crew, one of you mentioned it was a lifestyle not i job. i like that. but with so many thousands of cabin crew do u ever fly with the same person twice? or make regular friends? there just seems so many different people to be working with everyday that i don't see how you'd ever get to KNOW people other than on ur training course!!

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