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General Info and questions about Mixed Fleet
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Thank you so much (#19 and #20 replies) for clearing things up! :)
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Hey.. Im starting on the 24 november..

Does anyone know if wel be in training on christmas day?
I no that if we were flying it would be almost certain to work christmas but seeing
as were training not sure if they would be closed?

So excited cant wait to start!! :D
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Someone from my course (17th Nov) rang recruitment to ask and they told him that they won't be training us on either Christmas or Boxing Day, however it was up to the trainers what other days, if any, they would give us off. I imagine this will probably be the same for your course
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This is great, Thankyou for this REALLY helpful info
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hey...i have just recieved an email saying i have passed my assesment day from 15th september..i was just seeing how long it is before they contact you again to discuss training dates and how long from now is it normally before i would start training???
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Took them 3 days for me, my partner waited 2 weeks
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Hi Monstermunch,
were you on the 8am AD on the 15th? I was and i got through also! looking forward to starting
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Baby Jack
Monster courses are being allocated with start dates up to 29th Dec 2011. If places appear on courses prior to that then you could be assigned to a course in Dec 2011 as people do decide it's not what they want. The starter pack then follows once you have a course assigned. Best advise is to read it completely first and then go through it slowly.
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Hey monster, if ur AD was on the Thursday 15th, did you get notified on the Friday 16th you were successful? My AD was on the 16th so just seeing how long it usually takes.
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Hey brighton rocks

The pay thats quoted on this post is that after a pension deduction from salary? As im planning not to opt out of the pension scheme.

Also does anyone know if crew can get meals such as vegetarian if a crew meal is provided?

Thank you

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