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General Info and questions about Mixed Fleet
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Thank you for this brighton_rocks! I have my AD on 13th October and you have answered a lot of my 'burning questions' for me!!
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Hey I have a question which is probably really dumb lol

Are you responsible for washing and ironing your own uniform? and how many items of each uniform do you get?
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This topic is fantastic - thank you for posting it!

I found out on Monday that i was successful at the 9th september AD - cannot wait to get the starter pack and training date! The list of routes keeps growing which is good, do you know if MF crews will be trained on the 787 when they come into service? Also being trained on the 777 - does this mean the 772 and 77W?
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Baby Jack
At this time nothing is definite about which routes, which fleets and which bases will fly the B787. Our pilots are going to operate these new aircraft types as individual fleets . Under CAA Regulations cabin crew ca n only operate on 3 aircraft types. MF are licenced for airbus 319/320/321 plus B777 plus B747 so would therefore have to drop a licence. At present the intention is to operate all new aircraft types across both fleets so you would have to lose one of your existing licences. Most Worldwide crew only have 2 licences and EF the same so those 2 fleets are free immediately to pick up a third licence. There are CSDs already working on projects related to the new aircraft
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just noticed this little message, phasing into more recruitment or phasing it out mmm????
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Baby Jack
Recruitment only has limited resources and the administration created is considerable especially with the reference checking, chasing, offer letters, packs being sent out etc etc

It will open again once resources are available. This is the biggest cabin crew recruitment ever. 1300 people this year and courses starting all the way upto 29th Dec 2011

We are still recruiting for Japanese speaking crew for MF
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Brighton_Rocks and Baby Jack - thank you, guys, for the contribution that you continuously make on here.

I can now revive my hopes again, and should be starting training Oct 6th!..

Question - how is the training designed: Mon-Fri, with Sat-Sun off, and if that's not the pattern, what is the expected schedule for those 6 weeks? Looks like the start date is on a Thursday...

How soon would we be allowed to fly, following the 6 weeks training, and when would we bid for our first-ever roster?

Is the gym far from the training grounds, which we should be eligible to go to?

Is it not too late to purchase the luggage during, say, my 1st week of training? Or, should I start looking around now? I don't want to get something that will not be in line with the uniform standards (or not durable) and end up paying twice...

Thanx guys! x
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The training is not set days Mon-Fri. You will work some weekends and have varied days off. You may work 4 days, then 2 off, 3 days 1 off etc. You will get the timetable on the first day. I would expect you will have the first weekend off.
I would hold off buying luggage until you start training as they will give a brief explanation of what is allowed on your initial 2 days.
Some people get 1 day off at the end of training and fly the following day. I personally get 3 after my last training day.
If you start 6th October, you will get your first roster for the final 2 weeks of November around the 20th October. You will be able to bid for your December roster once you have your ID and been activated in Crewlink.
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Hi Above Clouds - I can answer your queries.

Training starts on the Thurs and you get the first weekend off. After that you work to scheme having 1 day off in 7 and 2 off in 14. Make the most of that weekend as that will be the last full one whilst on the course. You get a timetable on day 1 that details the whole course layout so you can still plan things just not many weekend days off after the first weekend. The training is at anytime between 0600 and 1900 depending on classroom availability etc. Safety is mainly 0800 starts from memory, customer service training is 0900 starts. The only really early day was going to the pool in Hayes before it opens to the public to carry out the swimming pool element to the safety course. I think that start was 0400 or 0500 or something equally hideous!

Following the training you will be flying after 1 or 2 days off following successful completion of the course depending on how the roster dictates. You will bid for your first roster as soon as you get access to the system. Bid dates normally close on the 10th for the following month so you bid 6 weeks ahead of the roster being published. Roster is published on the 20th of the month.

Gym - I presume you are referring to the gym at the Head Office known as Waterside. This is the only gym I know of. As soon as you have your ID a couple of weeks into the course you can access all BA premises so would be able to use that then. It would be a long process though as if you don't work there permanently you can't park there. You can park elsewhere and get a free BA transfer bus to Waterside though.

You won't need luggage until you start flying so you've got 6 weeks to think about that. There is a shop in T5 departures that gives us 15% discount in possession of an BA ID and there is also a shop in the CRC (crew report centre) selling luggage so don't stress about it now. Standard is black so you can't get it wrong. It's the size you need to get right. Buy too small and you'll be buying 2.

Any other help required please just fire away.

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