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Gatwick vs Heathrow.
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Hi all,

Im curious to know the benifits and perks of each base. Not looking for things to turn into a sl*gging match...

Both bases obviously have alot of differences re pay, time away from home etc...

Has anyone worked at both?

Im starting at gatwick very soon and have alot of friends already based at heathrow, all of whom say you'll want to move to heathrow at some point and dont see why other than its the bigger of the 2.


Really would like to hear what and why you think either has the edge.. Hopefully help the guys appyling as well..


cheers Wink
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Friendly banter incouraged..... lolWink
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LGW is very much the beach fleet which majority of routes being for leisure purposes, we have some lovely trips with a mix of domestic and shorthaul night stops too.

LGW is a very friendly base, and because it is so much smaller than LHR you will tend to fly with the same people more often.
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Lgw on all our nightstops except USA you get breakfast in the hotels, most of our longhaul has more than 1 night downroute, you have to have days off after longhaul, small base get to know most people, you will enjoy Lgw most crew you applied for MF are glad they did not get it and stayed at lgw and this written fom kin on a 6 day trip
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Do you think LGW will recruit again?
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LGW is the BEST! Crew are more welcoming!!! The best decision I've made was to come and work at LGW. Your working conditions and pay will be more decent than MF since you will be working alongside crew on old contracts on the same fleet unlike MF which is a different fleet. A very happy and cheerful base! Nothing compared to the current atmosphere at LHR!

LGW will be recruiting again over summer. Keep checking the website!
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Totally agree with the above. LGW is a great base to fly from. We have 3 day long hauls (Orlando, Tampa, Bermuda and Barbados...due to frequencies there are also 4 day Barbados!) right up to 6 day Cancuns and Montego Bays. And also Mauritius from November which has now been confirmed as either 5 or 6 day trips..both with guaranteed 3 days off afterwards! On short haul we have some lovely 2 or 3 day trips in Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey, Bologna and Naples!, As many have said, LGW is very small and friendly with both a lovely cabin crew/flight crew and management team. You ll have a whale of a time. There has always been a friendly rivalry between the London bases, and I doubt that will ever! Both bases have their pros and cons but for me it will always be LGW!
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Originally posted by @lgw29

and this written fom kin on a 6 day trip

With a bit of luck the food and drink you ordered should have arrived before you leave Wink
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LGW - The new Golden runway! Everyone is happy and enjoying the job and very welcoming to our new crew even though they are on the new contract, they are still 'one of us'. Can't wait for Mauritius to start in November! It's going to be another nice , long relaxing trip and the three days off the union and BA organized for us just shows how good our relations are between management and our trade union. We were told that MF would be 'attractive' to current LGW crew and we assumed that the 'market rate plus 10%' would be based on our earnings, but it wasn't so many are glad they stayed as LGW is defiantly a life style regardless of money. 5 day trips to St Lucia in an all inclusive hotel with a fab crew, what more can you ask for?! LGW is now the base of choice for most new entrants, it is small but growing, so fingers crossed for everyone who wants to apply. The new entrants I have met are to a very high standard so competition must be very high. But good luck to all those who apply!
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All I can say is, LGW has always been the Golden Runway to me! Crew at LGW want to be there, they enjoy the job they do and they do it very well. And to be honest my wage is not that different from LHR WW so I don't know what the big deal to move up there is all about! I'd rather be sitting on a beach for 5 days than doing city nightstops!



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