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Crew Shoes - BA standards
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This is the website where the shoes meet the BA uniform standards and has been suggested by BA. 


I have the W926/90 and for my cabin shoes I have the W706/50.


They are amazing and very comfy! Thumbs%20Up
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Do you know if you are allowed to buy any kind of shoes (for men) as long they are black/navy business look?
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thanks BAstewardess - all ur posts are extremely positive and kind!!! can i please PM you something??
thanking you
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Look at Clarks website,they are cheaper.
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These are also very popular, most girls I know have them Approve

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You're welcome BA-kid88! Yes of course you can PM me. thanks Smile

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Hi guys these posts are a great help thanks:)

I got my starter pack through today, but I'm wondering what part of the uniform do we pay for? Is it shoes/case/bag or the whole thing?



Rach x
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Items to be paid for include:

shoes  cabin and boarding




Us visa

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Thank you Callbell:)
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Hi girls just to let you know I have found a really good website for crew shoes - just purchased both my cabin and boarding ones and all came to £55 including delivery. They look really good too! x

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