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CRC check and References
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Hi guys,

I've received my provisional offer from BA today and now the process of collecting the references begins...

I've had numerous jobs within the last 5 years so I understand mine may take longer than others as there's more information to gather etc. however....
I've seen mixed things about this and was wondering if anyone was able to clarify WHAT they ask your previous employers for? Unfortunately I was dismissed from a past job and want to know whether the will ask why my employment ended etc. or if they just confirm dates of employment and job title??

If asked, I of course will be completely honest about this because I know if I lie I will get caught out but I'm just panicking and overthinking everything! I know I will pass my criminal history checks etc and be able to obtain a visa and so on but this one part is really worrying me. Is anyone able to shed some light? Do you think this will negatively effect my offer? Does anyone know of anyone that has failed this and had their offer withdrawn?

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!
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Yes, I've just filled mine out and they do ask your reasons for leaving so it's best to be open and honest as they will find out anyway. What I don't know though, is the question which I have asked, whether or not you will be penalised for having employment terminated, if you do receive (not a bad reference as I know employers can't give these) but if BA will deem this as unacceptable/unsatisfactory. I have been dismissed by two previous employers when I was younger, one of which for illness which is completely out of my hands but I might not get the chance to back myself up
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Can anyone help me?
I will have to provide my 5 years references really soon so I want to get everything together. What do they ask for? Will it be the referee's address, email, phone number?
Thanks in advance
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Yes, they will send you an online form to fill out all info, dates, name's, contact details for them etc.
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I need some help re my 5 year reference check

I can obtain references from 2015 to late 2016 and then from August 2018 to present. However during late 2016 I moved abroad (South Korea and Australia) and returned home in August 2018.

I taught English in South Korea but since I left my school has shut down - will i be able to use a former colleague as a reference? I then moved directly to Australia and worked on and off as an au pair for 12 months with various families on a working holiday visa

Would I be able to use one family as a reference for the 12 month period?

Any help is appreciated
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Please help!
Having issues getting USA tax letter to prove employment and gaps.
Before I moved to the states I didn’t work in the U.K. , they are now asking of proof of my husbands earnings to prove he was paying for me!

I don’t want to send personal details in for my husband surely that’s too intrusive?

Thoughts ? Anyone had similar issues?

Eve xo
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Hi Eve,

Had a similar problem having lived in France. whilst on a low personal income.

I had to send my wife's French tax returns to prove our combined incomes were sufficient to live on.

I was irritated too, but what can you do? If you're husband doesn't object I'm sure it won't be an issue.

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