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BA medical assessment
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I’m former crew returning but never had to do the medical when I joined before. I’ve recently started on anti depressants for anxiety, but this was triggered by a situation in particular that I’m now out of and is totally irrelevant to the job, which I know I can do as I did it before no worries. Do you think I will pass the medical? And if I don’t, is it straight up you’re out? Or do they give you a second chance?

Thanks x
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Hi Guys,

I have a medical from my previous cabin crew job which is dated until 2022. It was conducted by a aero doctor does anyone know if this would be BA approved?
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Hey :)

I have my medical in just under 2 weeks and was wondering what I could expect? I've read loads of posts but nothing of recent months...

If you could give me a step by step process and all the tests they do and what for, that'd be great

I'm a massive over thinker so this would really put my mind at rest ! :)

Thank you!!
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Madame cholet
Hi with the medical questionnaire how far back do they need to know about. I am a mature lady and therefore can't remember or have nobody to ask what operations/ hospital stays I had as a child? Also I have had 2 children do they need all the details of giving birth prematurely and caesarian section details?
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Turn up and you'll have a "security interview". Just a few simple questions, not hard at all.

Then you'll have this medical. You'll go through with your medical form that you previously filled out, of any pre-existing conditions. You'll also have your immunizations. So make sure you take a list of vaccinations you have from your GP.

Then you'll see the Doctor, who'll look at your form. He or she will listen to your heart, take your blood pressure and ask about any pre-existing conditions (if you have any).

Then they'll sign you off as fit, and you'll be told then and there.

Afterwards you'll have your uniform fitting.

Ex Mixed Fleet Crew
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It may well be, as it's still EASA compliant.

BA may well give you a new one, with their logo on it. Probably be a good shout to take your current EASA medical with you to the doctor.
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Madame cholet
As a more mature new recruit can anyone tell me how far back I need to go back with regards to medical history?
For example if I had a medical problem 30 years ago and not had it again since do they still need to know.
Do I need to get a doctor's letter for an operation to remove my tonsils in 1991?
Don't want to hide anything but also don't want to go overboard
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I’m not sure about the BA one specifically but normally if it’s anything that happened more than 5 years ago and causes you no issues today then you should be fine.
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In reply to post 137, I don’t know about the BA medical assessment specifically but normally the questions sound like “In the past 5 years have you....” If it’s an operation from years ago that doesn’t cause you any issues today then you should be ok.
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I had some problems with colours years ago during my EASA medical but I passed. Now even if I have a EASA medical I was told I need to undergo the BA medical assessment as well and I was wondering: am I gonna be tested for colours again? If yes, what tests do they use?

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